About me

I attended university as a mature student and took a BSc in Psychology then an MSc in Developmental Neuropsychology.  This does not mean that I know what you are thinking, it also doesn’t mean that I am going ‘analyse’ you!   What it does mean however, is that I understand how children learn to read and why some children struggle to become competent readers.  I also understand about a wide variety of special needs.

In 2004 I studied for a Diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties (Dip SpLD), this is the recognised qualification for teaching children and adults with specific learning difficulties/dyslexia.  It is a post graduate course and takes approximately one year to achieve.  Candidates are regularly observed teaching and are expected to show a high level of ability in teaching, assessing, lesson planning and writing case studies, along with learning about and demonstrating a thorough knowledge and understanding of specific learning difficulties.  I studied for my course at the Hornsby International Dyslexia Centre, which merged with the Dyslexia Institute in 2005, becoming Dyslexia Action the following year.

Since leaving university in 2000 I have worked as a researcher, first at the University of Reading and then for 9 years at the Institute of Education, University of London, one of the most highly regarded places in the world at which to study education.  Under my maiden name I have worked on several highly important Government funded projects including 5 years on the Deployment and Impact of Support Staff in Schools (DISS) and significant work on the Lamb Inquiry, investigating parental views of the special educational needs system.  From 2009 - 2011 I was working on projects concerning one-to-one tuition in schools and at home.

In addition to working as a researcher, I have also taught study skills to post graduate students at the Institute of Education and at special request, taught the module on Literacy Development to teachers in Leeds who were training to become Reading Recovery Teachers and Teacher Leaders. 

At the end of August 2011 I completed my work at the Institute of Education, and was delighted to be able to focus more of my time doing what I love – having a positive impact on students.