Arranging tuition

Contact me

If you would like to book some tuition for you or your child, please contact me by e-mail ( or by phone 07813-450579.

Pre-tuition meeting

Before the first session we should discuss what you need or what you want your child to achieve.   For study skills students we can usually do this over the phone but if you would like your child with literacy difficulties to have tuition, it is preferable that we meet in person.  You can then meet me and see where your child will be working and I can learn about your child, her situation and her attitudes towards learning.  In order for you to be able to talk freely, you may prefer that your child does not attend this session.  I do not charge for this initial meeting.  The types of questions I may ask are below.  If there is any question which you do not feel comfortable answering, feel free to say so, you are not under any obligation to answer, these questions are there purely to help me understand your child and provide the best service I can for her.  Anything you tell me will remain entirely confidential.

Typical areas covered during the initial meeting

  • Whether your child has a diagnosis of any special needs or specific learning difficulties.
  • What your child finds difficult at school.
  • Support the school is providing.
  • Your child’s attitude to school and learning.
  • How your child relates to her peers.
  • Your child’s attitude to homework.
  • Your child’s attitude to you trying to help her.
  • What your child finds difficult at home (e.g. organising herself).
  • What you want your child to gain from tuition.
  • Whether there a history of literacy difficulties in the family.
  •  How you and your family have been dealing with her difficulties.
  • If you child already has a full psychological report, may I see it?  This reduces the amount of time spent on assessments prior to tuition.

I will also ask:

  • Has your child ever had an eye test or a hearing test?
  • At the start of tuition, many children come straight from school, may I give your child a drink of squash and a biscuit? 
  • Does your child have any dietary needs (e.g. an allergy to nuts or milk?)
  • May I give your child homework? 
  • If I give your child homework, will he be doing this on his own or would you be available to support him?
  • What is your child interested in (tuition sessions are designed to be enjoyable so items used may show or refer to things your child enjoys, e.g. football, Dr Who or anything pink!)