Who I can help - children

Children struggling with reading, writing and spelling

Just because your child is struggling at school, it does not mean that he or she has a learning difficulty or special educational needs.  There are many reasons why a child may find reading, writing or spelling difficult; missed schooling, being young in their year group or extreme shyness and lack of confidence are all possible reasons for their difficulties.  The Alpha to Omega programme I use is perfect for children who have either missed or not understood part of their literacy lessons and the methods I use are designed to provide positive experiences to boost confidence.  Follow the link to read more about the teaching programme I use.

Children with dyslexia

Dyslexia (sometimes known as a specific learning difficulty) is very common but some schools find it difficult to provide the help that pupils need.  The teaching programme I use was originally designed for children with dyslexia so using this, plus activities to help develop areas of underlying weakness, can lead to great improvements in academic achievement.  Whether you know for a fact that your child is dyslexic or if you just suspect it, either way I can help your child to succeed.  Follow the link to find out what is included in the teaching programme.

Other special educational needs

As you will see from my background although my area of specialism is in dyslexia I have a large amount of knowledge of other special educational needs.  Should you feel that your child is not getting the help he or she needs at school, I am very happy to research the best ways of teaching your child and to work with you and your child to achieve a successful outcome. 

Study skills

Independent learning and exams are becoming a larger part of our lives.  However, we are rarely taught how to organise ourselves (something which those with dyslexia have particular difficulty with) or how to take notes, plan essays or revise.  I teach study skills to pupils of all ages – from Year 6 children to mature students at university, focussing on the needs of the individual pupils to give them the skills they need to succeed.